Large bags made from robust UV treated PP or PET geotextiles for marine, coastal, esturine and riverine applications.

March’07: storm surf off Eastmore car park, La Lucia

March’07: La Mercy Beach erosion

March’07: Durban Beach front damage after storm seas event. Paving was ripped up and shops were swamped damage to facades and furniture

A GeoRock bag after filling – this bag is a 2 ton bag and has a swiss-roll closure design. One of the benefits of this bag is that it can be filled by hand labour by utilising a smiple shutter support design

Eastmore Crescent dune erosion in front of the car park – the beach sand level has been dropped by 4 to 5m

Filling the GeoRock bag in a filling cradle

This is the completed wall at Eastmore Car Park utilising the two ton GeoRock bags – this wall was completed in three weeks. The bags are set back on top of one another and staggered like bricks to ensure a good interlock. The two tone bags also have loops on all corners to enable the bags to be fixed together for a more robust structure.

A 2 ton bag being prepared for lifting into position at Ushaka beach protection works in Durban

The 2 ton GeoRock bag has straps provided for lifting and placing the filled bag – this speeds up the placing operation
Positioning the 2 ton GeoRock bag is easy
This beach protection GeoRock bag wall was constructed in just weeks at Ushaka Beach – Durban
Park Rynnie – Coastal dune rehabilitation works completion and vegetation of the dune
Park Rynnie Coastal Dune Restoration –

This shows the formation of a level working surface and the installation of the “Dutch Toe” anti-scour system. After this, 4 ton GeoRock bags were installed to form a new slope angle of 35 degrees. This serves as the dunes core protection for future tidal and wave attack.

Stemella Bosch Africa are the design engineers and Devru Construction effected the works.


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